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Outdoor Aluminum and Sightlines offers AIA/CES seminars, which can be presented by our facilitators to small groups of architects/specifiers at association meetings or their offices.


AIA/CES Course: OA1450
Title: Designing and Budgeting Grandstand Structures
Length: 1 Hour

Credits: 1 LU Hour

HSW: Yes

Cost: $0.00

Description: In this class you will ...

  • Understand the history of grandstand construction.
  • Accurately calculate the budget for a grandstand.
  • Learn how to create grandstand designs that are efficient in terms of cost and time using industry standards.
  • Learn to identify critical design issues.

AIA/CES Course:

Title: Understanding Grandstand / Bleacher Codes & Specifications
Length: 1 Hour

Credits: 1 LU Hour

HSW: Yes

Cost: $0.00

Description: In this class you will ...

  • Understand the history of grandstand codes.
  • Learn about the most common code-related mistakes in grandstand/bleacher design.
  • Learn about the grandstand industry standard specification versus code.
  • Learn how to use a minimum acceptable criteria, industry standards and grandstand code in your specifications.



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