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In the Bleacher & Grandstand industry, the term Fit & Finish refers to the way all of the various components of a stand go together.  Does the aluminum plank align with one another so that neither piece stick out and the gaps between them are barely visible? Are the columns and rail post plumb and true and is the handrail smooth and continuous?  Are the material finishes consistent throughout, with no unintended variations in color?  Are there any gaps where the stair planks meet their supporting members?


We believe that the customer is aware that if the manufacturer got the Fit & Finish right, then they care about details and probably got other things right as well. Let’s face it nobody wants a shoddy-looking stand, but few manufacturers are willing to go to the bother of ensuring that everything fits the way it should.
As you look over our site we invite you to scrutinize our Fit & Finish.  You see we care about our products and we’ve paid attention to the details.  We know that when you look, you’ll find that Outdoor Aluminum has the best Fit & Finish in the industry!


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